Is clutter in your home or office cluttering your mind?
Does ADD keep you from being productive?
Do you spend more time looking for your things than enjoying them?

Order in the House, Inc. can help!

Hire a Professional Organizer from Order In The House, Inc. to assist you with your organizing challenges. We offer a compassionate, non-judgmental approach to your unique situation.


Lynn was very helpful to me in my efforts to organize our basement. She actually made the project fun! I was amazed at how much work we got done in the amount of time she was there. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is dreading facing their organizational project alone, or doesn’t have the vaguest idea of where to start.

Lynn whipped my disorganized home and office into shape which enable me to be more productive.

Lynn has an amazing gift of transforming clutter into workable/useable space. She also developed an organization solution that was easy to manage and maintain.